Sites Reservoir in Northern California Is 20th-Century Idea Trying to Fit the 21st

New surface water storage project would be first in California since 1979.

California Indian Tribe Pursues Rights to Groundwater

A court test of federal water law by the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians has implications for the American West.

One Way to Ease California Drought: Recycle Wastewater For Irrigation

Del Puerto Water District to buy a third of its water supply from Modesto and Turlock treatment plants.

Oakland’s Water Treatment Plant Generates Its Own Energy and Then Some

Plant is at the center of a big move to also solve city’s solid waste problem.

Oakland’s Web of Waters Shapes New Economy, Civic Energy

A nationally significant program of storm water management daylights streams, renovates a centerpiece lake, restores an estuary, and empowers a West Coast city.

As California Drought Rebalances Sierra Forests, Fire Danger Mounts

Bark beetles, water scarcity, and dying trees herald a region in ecological transition.

In California’s Central Valley, Dry Wells Multiply in the Summer Heat

Tulare County continues to be the center of the drought’s drinking water crisis.

Challenged By Drought, Fire, Earthquake, and Flood, California Departs On New Path

In response to truculent planet, conserving water, limiting climate emissions, and achieving “net zero” energy use are top priorities.

Saving Salmon: California Orders New Water Restrictions

Restrictions target big Sacramento River reservoir and Russian River residents, but effects will ripple through the state.

California Oil Industry’s Wastewater Saga Adds New Twist

A lawsuit, an official’s resignation, and failed legislative proposals marked the beginning of June.