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Michigan DEQ’s Responsibility to Ensure Public Safety Collapsed in Flint

State environmental agency’s indifference and intransigence violated public trust. Photo courtesy Maj. Joe Cannon / U.S. National Guard viaFlickr Creative Commons Members of the Michigan National Guard were dispatched to Flint this month to deliver water, filters, replacement cartridges and water test kits to residents affected by lead-contaminated drinking water. Click image to enlarge. By […]

Climate in the Boardroom

Kevin: Hello everyone, this is Kevin Klowden, I’m the Managing Director of California Center Milken Institute, this breakout discussion will be focusing on Climate in the Boardroom, how businesses should respond. We have the pleasure of having not one but two different experts who can provide the perspective on how businesses should respond to climate […]

Panelists closing statements

Brett: Thanks to all the panelists, we assume that all the discussion went smoothly and had some conversations. We have the panelists back in the room here and we are going to get everyone together for some final observations and what they took away from the discussion today but I want to frame that in […]

Questions & answers

Craig: I thought Junaid’s comment was one of the most interesting and we actually ended up talking a little bit more about that with Peter Gleick in the breakout group and that is his question of: “Whose hand is on the lever of water power? Who are the political masters of water power? Needing to […]