Slideshow: Faces of Tulare County’s Drinking Water Crisis

Central Valley farming county has the highest number of dry wells in California.

In California’s Central Valley, Dry Wells Multiply in the Summer Heat

Tulare County continues to be the center of the drought’s drinking water crisis.

Challenged By Drought, Fire, Earthquake, and Flood, California Departs On New Path

In response to truculent planet, conserving water, limiting climate emissions, and achieving “net zero” energy use are top priorities.

Saving Salmon: California Orders New Water Restrictions

Restrictions target big Sacramento River reservoir and Russian River residents, but effects will ripple through the state.

California Oil Industry’s Wastewater Saga Adds New Twist

A lawsuit, an official’s resignation, and failed legislative proposals marked the beginning of June.

California Court, Despite Drought, Questions Popular Water Pricing Tool

Increasing block rates garner closer attention.

Colorado River Basin Conservation Agreements Take Shape

States look to delay mandatory water restrictions and preserve hydropower generation.

Groundwater Data Bill Passes California Senate

Lawmakers seek to make well logs — a trove of groundwater data — a public resource.

Amid California Drought, Oil Industry Wastewater Attracts New Scrutiny

State and federal authorities move to tame use of aquifers as oil field dumps.