California Drought Invites Scrutiny of Bottled Water, Fracking

A vortex of attention swirls around industrial activity that does not consume much water.

California Drought Puts Old Features in New Perspective

Water for swimming pools, golf courses, car washes at front lines of fresh scrutiny.

Infographic: In California Drought, State Aid Is Lifeline for Failing Drinking Water Systems

State emergency funds help public water systems and private well owners.

California Drought Puts Desalination, Fresh Water From The Sea, In A New Light

Era of ample water supply and cheap prices is ending.

California’s Rainless Summer Will Dry Up Drinking Water Supplies

State and local water administrators face supply emergency that is tightening.

The Alamitos recharge pond, used by the Santa Clara Valley Water District to filter water into underground storage, was empty in July 2014.

California Regulators Hint at Forthcoming Urban Water Restrictions

The biggest water users will be required to conserve more than the thrifty.

Lawns and pools dot the backyards of homes in Hollywood. Southern California water use rose in February, leading to the state's worst conservation performance yet.

California’s Voluntary Water Conservation Plan Is Not Close to Working

Deeper drought, warmer temperatures lead to more water use in Southern California, not less.