Virtual Town Halls

From Michigan to the Nation – A Groundwater Emergency

Making Groundwater Crises Visible – How Do We Respond to a Crisis That is so Hard to See?

How Global Conflicts Are Changing Water’s Value

A New Mindset for the World’s Water Crisis Revalue Water: From Values to Value

America’s Water: Infrastructure in Peril

Global Catastrophe: Algal Blooms

CATALYST: CALIFORNIA — Live from World Water Week

CATALYST CALIFORNIA: Adapting to New Normals


California Drought – What You Need to Know

April 1: Snowpack Briefing
April 2: How Does California Respond?

California Drought – Lessons from Australia

California Drought – Causes and Implications

Testimony from Previous Events

We’re not only setting a new low, we’re completely obliterating the old record.

David RizzardoChief of Snow Surveys, California Department of Water Resources

We must develop an example here for the world. Will it take another Dustbowl for Americans to start paying attention to water issues?

Upmanu LallProfessor and Director of the Columbia University Water Center

This may be the most important moment for water in the last 50 years.

Chuck FishmanAuthor, The Big Thirst